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Free To Choose

FREE TO CHOOSE Florida Business Owners aren't locked into 401k plans as their only choiceIf you have a business with less than 100 employees there are more options than operating a “costly” 401k that could better fit your plan goals. A 401k plan includes inherent...

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Optimism – A firsthand Observation of Growth

Optimism is a mental attitude reflecting a belief or hope that the outcome of some specific endeavor will be positive, favorable, and desirable. Depending on the situation and information you have, you may see the glass as half full or as half empty. The way the media...

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Small Business Owners: End The Retirement Savings Struggle

As a small business owner, you are on your own for your retirement planning. And, if you have employees, you may feel responsible for helping them plan for a successful retirement. Easier said than done, right? According to a recent BMO Wealth Management survey of 400...

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7 Popular Retirement Plans for Small Business Owners

Which one is the right fit for you? It is important to research some of the options available for using your small business to fund your retirement while you’re running it. STEP 1: EVALUATE YOUR NEEDS In most cases, the cost of opening and administering a plan is...

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Volatility in World Markets

Yes, there is market volatility… and that’s a good thing. Most of my clients are unbothered by the changes happening in the financial markets. The volatility in world markets is very active at the moment, yet my clients know this is a natural event. World markets need...

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