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Keep Americans working and our country thriving!

When jumping on the world wide web we have millions of products at our finger tips. A simple search can lead us to exactly the product for which we have imagined. With the click of a button, our five-minute screen time delivers that product to our door. But have you ever thought about the people behind those products? I believe we have a responsibility, as Americans, to choose where we buy our products and from whom.

Made in America

We live in America, the great melting pot, where we have God given rights to celebrate our differences and come together in unity or agree to disagree. By buying American you are providing greater job security for your neighbors and fellow Americans. These American employees will likely return some or all of their disposable income to other American businesses. The more money we spend within our own shores the greater working independence we have as a people.

Manufacturing is currently growing in the U.S. and according to analysts at, “was the primary reason for post-World War II growth of the middle class, and they are still inextricably linked today”. Although the world has changed a great deal since then, we have a manufacturing base that is strong and is the genesis of many support jobs and entrepreneurial synergies that help create and enhance the U.S. business bio system.

What does all this renewed American business strength mean? Buying American grants us autonomy from foreign nations allowing America to stand stronger on its own. It means that regardless of what politics are being played in Washington D.C., the American businesspeople will have more power to keep Americans working and our country thriving.

In my next blog, I will look at the ripple effect that buying American-made products has on our country. In the meantime, check out Americans Working and USA Love List, a couple of websites that promote American companies.

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