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The Rewarding Impact of Buying American

The Rewarding Impact of Buying American! As sung in our national anthem, the United States of America is β€œthe land of the free and the home of the brave.” Through times of war and times of peace, the American people set their sights high and pursue their happiness by...

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Buy American-Made – It Matters

Keep Americans working and our country thriving! When jumping on the world wide web we have millions of products at our finger tips. A simple search can lead us to exactly the product for which we have imagined. With the click of a button, our five-minute screen time...

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Upheaval or Realignment

The United States of America is in a constant state of flux. Flow of migration indicates to me that the basic model of expansion can only be positive for the areas receiving the migration. Migration within our U.S. borders has been a normal event for Americans...

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Changing Seasons

Since the mid 1940s, there have been constant changes in our Government Administrations. With those changes came different economic philosophies that helped decide the drumbeat on Wall Street for the following 4 or 8 years. I believe it is important to realize that...

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Leaving China

If Covid-19 has done nothing else, it has hastened our trade relationship with China to where it should probably be. The last three blogs I wrote regarding China were focused on the trade issues with optimism yet expected volatility. I had hope that we might have...

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Illness and Market Performance

During global illnesses history has shown us many things about the events. But ultimately, we have been able to look at a timeline of events that lead to an end or a stalemate of sorts. There have been many in my lifetime that we can look at calmly and factually now,...

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China and US Peace in Phases

With Phase 1 of a China/US trade agreement now past, my hope is for the Chinese people to find a way forward to truly join the world in peace and prosperity. It would be the first time ever. China still operates as it always has. The Peoples Republic of China is...

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China – What the Miracle is Made Of

The Nixon administration opened the gate for China to venture out and engage more with the world with a focus on our shared interests for peace rather than our differences. The Nixon administration was successful in helping China join the world after decades of poor...

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Beyond China’s Trade War

A look at trade disputes and their impact . In our recent client discussions, we have noticed many hold an optimistic view of the current market conditions. I am in agreement as I have never seen this level of strength in value and strength in purpose like this in my...

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